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Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong

Education Development Advisor

His Excellency Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Alex Ong is a well-respected and eminent commerce figure in the investment sector of the business domain. However, he has also gained notability as an honorary and affluent politician by holding numerous prestigious political positions held by government officials. Dr. Alex Ong is also a scholastic visionary who is firmly keen on the preservation and education of Malaysia’s unique multi-cultural society of diverse ethnic population. Dr. Alex Ong’s has an impressive academic background as he holds a Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) or ‘doctorate’ in Legal Psychology and Business Administration. He has received several Professorship from University in Indonesia and Malaysia, he also received several Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Business and Financial Management from many varsities in England (United Kingdom) and the United States of America (U.S.A). Therefore, his knowledge, expertise and prowess are highly recognised and acknowleged by international standards. For instance, various regions and cities in Indonesia have elected him as the spokesperson of the local House of Representatives to guide and supplement the office duties of the Indonesian Consulate in Malaysia. This accord is to further enhance the diplomatic relationship between the two nations in terms of culture, education, economy and investment. His outstanding contributions to the economic and societal development have earned him august entitlements and awards from Malay Peninsula Sultanates and the British sovereign. Furthermore, Dr. Alex Ong is the current Director General (CEO) or chief executive officer of MALINDO Business and Cultural Centre (MBCC) which facilitates and preserves knowledge and intellect assets provided by miscellaneous entrepreneurs, sociologists and academicians for the improvement of bilateral relations between Malaysia and Indonesia. Besides that, he is also one of the many civil leaders of the NGOs (non-government organisation) and the President of Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce as well as the founding father of and director of a few prestigious companies throughout Asia.


Tommy Leong

Toyako Group Founder | Artistic Director

TOMMY is a TOYAKO Founder, Artistic Director and Head of Education. He is hairdresser of this industry since 1995. He coordinates numerous creative projects, from internal to international events, whilst proving his outstanding session experience and dynamic stage presence at industry shows in Malaysia and as a leader in many Fashion Week hair do.


Alex Chuan

Toyako Creative Director | Helen Seward Malaysia Artist

As TOYAKO GROUP & HELEN SEWARD MALAYSIA Technical Education Director, CHUAN’s color skills along with inspirational communication abilities have secured his position as a globally renowned industry expert. Dedicated to nurturing talent, he leads the colorists within the TOYAKO GROUP & HELEN SEWARD MALAYSIA Breakthrough Team extra and is involved in mentoring through the Fellowship for Hairdressing.


Cedric Lai

Toyako Creative Director | Helen Seward Malaysia Artist

CEDRIC is a HELEN SEWARD MALAYSIA Artistic and Educational Director. As Education Director he overseas educational development and standards within the region. Based in the HELEN SEWARD Academy ITALY, CEDRIC travels extensively, joining the International Artistic Team on stage for various shows, shoots and seminars.


Sean Lee

Toyako Creative Director | Key Educator

A theory in his field, Sean is a graceful and captivating personality, which is reflected in his dynamic, yet polished technical abilities. He is a key educator at the TOYAKO Academy and Technical Education Director for Theory & Science.